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    Return to fly after 3 months P3P

    Not flown in about 3/4 months. Had the batteries stored and I assumed discharged after 10 days etc. Now charging everything back up including RC. Other than checking the props are on securely and updating any firmware. Should I re calibrate the IMU and compass as a precaution the location...
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    How much intestinal fortitude do you have with waypoints?

    I have flown missions where it loses signal on litchi. Yes if it loses GPS it would go into atti mode but the chance of it continually losing GPS for that amount of time is almost impossible. Should gps be restored I would assume it would either try to go to the next way point or when battery is...
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    Big Brother Watching?

    Would they really waste time and money for that in a helicopter?
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    ***For those that read my post back on the 17th about my p4 fly away!

    Atti mode still tracks satalites I thought
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    thoughts on DJI Care for Phantom 4

    How long did it take house insurance wise
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    thoughts on DJI Care for Phantom 4

    How long did it take for it to be replaced. Also was there much of an investigation ? Never claimed on insurance just wondered how easy and quickly it is delt with
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    Just a safety reminder about Atti Mode

    Has anyone landed in wind under atti (not hand catch) do you tilt into the wind before you land or just go straight down
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    Just a safety reminder about Atti Mode

    Anyone tried landing in ATTI mode on windy day, is it liable to tip? Do people turn into the wind before landing?
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    Just a safety reminder about Atti Mode

    How do you hand catch in Atti mode?
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    Crash video

    Why did the obstacle sensors / vps not work ?
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    WoW! I am loving my Phantom P3

    I learned to take it well above tree and building height. Switch into A mode and practice just holding it in one position. Then I started moving it to a different location and trying to hold it just over my starting position. As I became more cofident I started bringing down the height where it...
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    CSC command while flying anyone done this?

    Has anyone ever attempted a recovery in flight or even know if its possible
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    P3 Firmware v1.7.0060

    Upgraded FW done an IMU cailbration and 2 compass calibrations (first compass calibration was giving 1550 2nd was slightly lower, I imagine both seem fine tho). Flys fine with go App testing P mode atti mode and RTH. Tried litchi and worked fine, did a mission and orbit mode. Turned RC off RTH...
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    Another Idiot Pilot

    A massive bang?... Over the sound of the train itself and tracks... I can understand if it hit a window and you were sat in front but it sounds as usual very exaggerated..
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    P3 Firmware v1.7.0060

    Am I correct in saying they have added a new way to stop the motors CSC and retained the old way also. In simulator I am still able to do both. Unsure why there are now 2 ways to stop the motors (excluding the left pull down)