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    Cheap accessories for Phantom 4/Pro

    Some cheap and cheerful accessories for the Phantom 4 + Pro

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro ND filter difference

    The Freewells do perform well but I would say the DJI or PP would be the best option (price not being an option) The issue I guess comes from if you want more than a Nd16, at the moment DJI do not make them so you need to look to the third party manufacturers. (or buy the polar pro 3/6pack)

    P4P vs P4A ... what's the difference?

    Interesting re: sensors if true, from what I understand the forward range is now 30m (which matches the Phantom 4 Pro's specs) and doubles the range of the Phantom 4. I am not sure about those bottom facing sensors and whether if they have been improved

    Latest Firmware Update for P4P - Apr 12

    I upgraded via Assistant without issues, but I haven't had any popups about updating my batteries just yet..

    It's official phantom 4 advanced

    Does anyone know for sure if the aperture will be locked or unlocked?? I made a video about this announcement and found a video on the p4a page saying there will be f2.8 - f11 but there is text saying the camera has an optimised f2.8 lens? I'm leaning towards it being locked to f2.8 myself to...

    It's official phantom 4 advanced

    Hmm I expected more of a price difference.. No real need to buy if you have a p4p and anyone with an older phantom is probably waiting for the next generation to come along.. They saw the Phantom 4 Pro last year and passed on it and are wanting more improvements/saving up money So that leaves...

    Freewell ND filters For Phantom 4 Pro

    Anyone got any of these Freewell filters? PHANTOM 4 PRO ACCESSORIES - FREEWELL GEAR Some interesting ones in there like ND1000 and InfraRed... I am picking up some to review shortly just curious if anyone has prior experience with them

    Gimbal Settings on Phantom 4 Pro

    I made a video showing how to change settings on the P4 Pro Please enjoy :)

    New Apple iPad Pro...

    There was a new iPad released by Apple just the other day.. But keep in mind this is like a budget iPad and apart from the better performance chip everything else is equivalent or slightly worse than iPad Air 2 Apple’s latest iPad is the tablet equivalent of the iPhone SE

    Do The Props Get Quieter With Use ????

    I was shocked when I saw my friend's Inspire 1 fly that it was quieter than my Phantom 4 Pro? The noise is probably good to allievate spying concerns lol..

    Remaining Battery Time Algorithm Changed in Latest P4P Firmware Update?

    This is a really good observation GadgetGuy.. I am curious to learn if it is in fact the case. DJI dont always tell us everything they change via the patch notes


    In the picture you can see when the circle is blue the slider is greyed out. When not blue the slider can be moved.

    Long Exposures

    Yep I would use gimbal lock for longer exposures. Helps to eliminate movement of gimbal while taking the photo


    I believe there is auto ISO or lock ISO when in auto camera modes. Next to the ISO is a small circle which you press and it goes blue it is locked. When it's not blue it's AUTO ISO.

    Who Likes The New DLog Profile? -Poll-

    I think it is superior to the OLD p4p dlog, but not necessarily superior to other profile options like DCINE. I am fairly sure we will get option to lower ISO in the next FW which may alleviate some of the concerns at the moment..