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Cheers. Tense stuff, eh? I tested mine at 5.1 km's and sweated it all the way home despite the planned tail wind. Thanks again.
Hey Thunderdrones, I came across your classified ads for phantom 3 remotes. You wouldn't happened to have phantom 3 batteries for sale or would you? I am looking few that are working or not for a cheap price.
Any one interested in a black dji phantom 4 pro with 5 batteries polar pro filters and dji backpack 1250
Maybe you can help. My iPhone screen gets popup safety nocation, says "agree. yes" but I can't get rid of it. It wants me to accept risk but I can't get rid of popup to fly. Help?
help. When starting my Phantom 3 I get a message on screen "safety notification...I agree to full accountability...yes" press on yes and get screen "terms of service." I cannot get rid of this pop up blocking my iPhone screen. What to do?
Mike, I have a P3P, been trying to upload my AC flight log for analysis. All I get is this 'Error: The recaptcha challenge failed. If this continues to happen, please contact [email protected]"
I would appreciate some help from you, what am I doing wrong?
Thanks, Marv.
ianzone....glad that your P4 was ok after the tumble down...whats hanging off that post..looks like clothes pins... to me...i hope to fly in the next few days as its rained all week long plus its been cold........Cheers to you ianzone.
Using a NVidia k1 table with Mavic Pro, though can't seem to get the tablet to talk to the controller who talks to the Mavic Pro "Disconnected" . Have initiated Debugging, though no luck. Ideas to get all parts and pieces to talk to one another??
PP ID is [email protected]

Send me your shipping address so that I can take it to UPS for the shipping cost. I can ship the props in the same box. Are you interested in the GPC hard case as well?
Larry, hi - let me PM that to you, this is the open forum, I believe.

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