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Retired US Army Combat Helicopter Pilot, retired Dealership Bodyshop Manager. Just enjoying life and all that encompasses.
Thanx 4 yor reply, l respond ystrdy but l got a scoldin fm admin bkos l usd th link that said REPLY foolishly thinkin it ment that. I red oldr coments about batteries, there was 1 had same message on screen. He had a saga but did sugest usin th duff battery 4 non-flyt setup procedures, good idea. So not all negative xperiena, thanx 2 you & th forum, good 2 no there is help, yours aye, T
Theo CvV
Theo CvV
Then l tried sendin th last in English but wos told must b ls than 420 karaktrs, so admin, wer is th wurdkount?
Commercial pilot, from gallery works, magazine covers, ad campaigns, music venues, calendar photos, real estate, search and rescue, to utility inspections, and training new pilots from inside utility suppliers.
instagram: @davethompson95690
Hey there! I saw you are from New Orleans! I am also, born and raised :) I am not a drone pilot myself but I work in the drone industry and I am currently living abroad. My company SkyWatch.AI provides drone insurance for recreational and commercial purposes. Would love to hear about drone life in Louisiana and see some pictures of my hometown! Happy to connect via LinkedIn or e-mail if you would like!
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Just joined and looking for places to fly and practice my skills. I just received a new Phantom 4 pro and will be using it for crocodile conservation and hopefully training new field works how to use. I live on Long Island New York and would like to know some good areas to fly. Any help would be appreciated. Truly a beginner but would like to fly as often as possible.
Retired military member of 236 dustoff Vietnam love choppers, bought dji phantom p330d.and vision camel and gimble, is it possible to connect two with video? Asap what wil I need ,the phantom flies great just need camera!
Is it possible to have my screen name changed? I want to keep it in line with my other Drone accounts.
If so how do I do it, or does an admin need to do it.
I would like to change it to 'Starfox if its not already taken'
Enjoying reading some of the posts - I've been flying a couple of years - filming custom swimming pools by Mike Farley. I started with a Phantom 3 & now have a Phantom 4pro - love it! Has anyone had problems with bees that won't get off your drone?

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