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WP: The Incredibly Washington Reason Drone Delivery Isn’t Coming To D.C. Anytime Soon

Discussion in 'News' started by Mark The Droner, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Mark The Droner

    Aug 26, 2015
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    The incredibly Washington reason drone delivery isn’t coming to D.C. anytime soon

    The incredibly Washington reason drone delivery isn’t coming to D.C. anytime soon


    The District of Columbia is infamous for some of the political issues that make it distinct from other areas of the country. Its residents only have a non-voting delegate in Congress, for example. And its crippled subway system is uniquely hobbled by the fact that it relies on money from Maryland and Virginia, not just funding from riders and D.C.'s government.

    So it's no surprise to learn that not long from now, D.C. residents may be able to add drone delivery to their "left out on" list.


    The ban on flights in and around Washington stems from a post-9/11 decision, one that was amended later by the Federal Aviation Administration to include unmanned as well as manned aircraft.

    "The FAA instituted the Special Flight Rules Area rule for security reasons, and it still prohibits unmanned aircraft operations within 15 miles of Washington, D.C." without a specific exemption, the agency said.


    Responsibility for changing the no-fly zone falls to the FAA, which can simply rule that the policy should be changed, said Drobac.

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