Who’s used swollen batteries?

Dec 6, 2019
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Two of my original p4p batteries are very swollen. They’ve been swelling up more and more for around a year now and they’re now to the point where it is somewhat difficult to get them in and after flying they are very difficult to get out.

I have another battery that I purchased maybe a year or 18months after the originals and this is now also starting to swell - yet nowhere to the extreme as the other two.

Today whilst flying with my newest battery, within 2 minutes of flying I got an error message up the top of screen saying “Damaged battery.” I have taken the attitude that now every time I fly it may be my last flight so I proceeded with the flight taking images without further incident. I only discharged it to around 55%.

The two older ones however have never caused me an issue. They don’t drain fast, they don’t show errors, and apart from the swelling you would never know there’s an issue. I want to point out that yes I am aware charging these can potentially be dangerous so I always charge these when I can supervise it completely.

Call me crazy but this drone cost me a lot of money and I’m not prepared to fork out for new batteries so the writing is on the wall. I’m curious if anyone has used a pin or similar to release the swelling of the battery to make getting it in and out easier?
I have seen people on YouTube suggest putting them in the freezer (which must work as I know on colder days they aren’t as swollen) but they still swell up further during flight and it’s difficult to get them out.

Thanks for any comments.
Not to worry. Swollen batteries just add more security against a battery accidentally falling out in flight. There's some spectacular stuff in store for ya. Soon your batteries should start smoking and the contrails they'll produce are a real crowd pleaser for sure.

Finally, after a few more flights, your bulging power pack will catch on fire and you're gonna have to land pretty quickly and remove the battery before it does any damage to your smoking bird. Drop the battery in a bucket of water and you might get a couple more flights out of it.

At that point, you might shop around for a used battery cheap. Maybe one that's just started to smoke. No sense in taking any chances by trying to push the batteries you currently use too far
Jun 30, 2016
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Drone batteries are kind of special case in regard to batteries, as their failure will wreck your drone and may possibly harm people if the flight was near anyone.

But don't go ape crazy on anyone experimenting with batteries.

Is this dangerous without training? Yes, but trying to cross a road without training can cause you far more harm, so keep the perspective.

Are batteries serviceable at home? No, but anyone should be able to verify that him/herself, on their own risk. Fixing a car is far greater risk, and still many people take pleasure and pride by doing that after hours.

Fearmongering in this area is only in the interest of corporations. They have interest in you not being able to fix your device, and their wet dream is that you won't even be able to replace a battery. Because everyone knows it's dangerous!

Corporations put money in popularizing that point of view:

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