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  1. I have been using litchi for a few days now, and I was pretty confident today so I tried to go for something 5,700 feet away, called Regis College. All seemed to be going very well, and I still had a strong signal at 5,700 feet (the waypoint was around 5,744 feet away) and suddenly I lost signal. If you look at the flight log, HealthyDrones.com - Innovative flight data analysis that matters, you can see that it went from good signal to very poor very quickly. I thought that it would be fine because it should, in theory, go on and complete the mission, but instead, it went into RTH mode. when I regained connection, my controller was beeping and the screen said "RTH" even though I had 26% battery left. When I landed, I had 11% battery. Why did I lose connection so suddenly, and why did it not complete the mission and go to the next waypoint, which was about 200 feet from the home point, when it disconnected? I had it set to "go to the next waypoint" when it finished.
  2. jwt873

    Apr 4, 2016
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    Woodlands, MB Canada
    Could be local interference. I went on an 8000 foot flight last week. On the way home, the signal got very weak. (See the red line in the attached image). If you look to the left of the red line, there's a combo service station/convenience store/restaurant located there. I'm guessing they were transmitting something that interfered with my controller. You can see the red only occurs when I was flying close to the station. You might have come across the same situation when you got near your target.....

  3. possibly... i was also 1.5 miles away... but that doesnt seem likely as this is a suburban/rural area and the town refuses to allow anything like cell phone tower stations to be installed, but it is definitely a possibility
    it might have something to do with the trees, because i was 1,100 feet up (i think) at that moment and maybe that was when the quad went behind the trees and the RC was unable to transmit or recieve anything
  4. Dave A

    Apr 25, 2016
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    If you only had 11% battery left when it landed it may have RTH due to low battery rather than lost signal.

    I know with the litchi app it will not return for loss of signal, but I am not sure if it will for low battery.

    The farther you are from home the more battery you need to keep in reserve to make sure you get there with the battery remaining.
  5. yep. i found today that if i have less than 30% battery in litchi, it returns home instead of 20% in DJI GO. That must have been it. i am just glad i got signal back soon enough so that i could go into sport mode and get the needed boost.
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