What does this mean in the Owners manual?

Jun 15, 2015
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First I don't care if this has been asked before or if it seems stupid to you. Go to another post. This is why this is here to ask questions and to answer them so please don't be douche bags. Thanks.

"To avoid signal interference do not use other 2.4 ghz when flying"

I'm not fully understanding what the statement is. Or what a 2.4 ghz is. Lol. So please help me understand more.

The reason I ask is I was on the beach today with no wind "hardly", and only made it like 800ft out and lost compete connection for about 30 seconds. So I'm trying to figure out why. Yes the bird is safe. I was in line of sight so was able to control it even though I couldn't see. Yes the antennas were positioned correctly. Thanks in advance.


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More information. I have multiple times around 1500ft then I get a weak imagine transmission and turn around. So should I be getting greater distance than that. That's in a open location. Are these 2 connected?
The phantom 3 remote operates in the 2.4 ghz band. Many of the devices in your home probably do also. Here is a partial list -- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_interference_at_2.4_GHz
Theoretically they could interfere with the phantom although it automatically moves to the best channel in that frequency band. I have never had a problem both with 2.4 and 5 ghz bands.

You might check to see if your antenna alignment is optimum.

Sorry just saw you have done that. Antenna alignment is the only thing that has ever caused a problem for me, so if not that I don't know.
The 2.4ghz is the frequency the controller and Phantom communicate on. There are also many many other devices that transmit on that frequency, including wireless routers and medical devices. It's just telling you that if you're using another device that operates on that frequency, that it "might" cause interference between your controller and bird. I'll defer your other questions to someone more knowledgeable.
2.4GHz is a relatively common radio frequency, generally used by last-gen WiFi (many modern WiFi connections use 5.8Ghz) and other consumer devices (such as cordless landline phones, and other Phantoms).

The purpose of the disclaimer is simply to state that other nearby signals have a potential to cause interference.

I do not know if that means it's any more susceptible to interference than any other consumer product (FCC laws generally state that consumer electronics must accept interference, rather than try to overpower the band) or is just being used as that general disclaimer.
Thanks. I just want to be able to get more range than 1500ft. And I need to change what ever I need to to do that. And I really wanna know why I lost complete connection at 800ft today. Other than that the phantom 3 has been amazing!!!
Let me try to answer your question...

2.4 gHz is both a generic term referring the the frequencies used for control of the P3 (and the video down link) as well as the modern spread spectrum technology that has replaced the earlier technology of using discrete frequencies (channels) for the RC transmitter and receiver.

DJI is reminding pilots to not operate another 2.4gHz device in close proximity to the P3 or the controller.

In practical terms this means that you just need to keep some distance between yourself and your fellow fliers.

It also means that it would not be wise to add any 2.4gHz devices to the P3 such as a second video transmitter, etc.

I fly at a park that regularly has as many as 12 aircraft in the air at one time as well as multiple mutlirotors. I have flown my P3 in that environment without incident.

All the RC transmitters operate on the 2.4gHz RC band as do some of the multirotors. We separate ourselves by as much as 30' and as little as an arm's length with out issue.

This being said, If one of the long range quads were up and operating on 2.4 with a high power transmitter I'd just move a little farther away.

I also recommend you turn off the WiFi on your tablet of phone to further reduce any possibility of interference.

What FW version are you using ? There are some pilots experiencing some bugs with the most current FW release. Also, just remember that most RC signals do not penetrate very well through trees and buildings.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. I just want to be able to get more range than 1500ft. And I need to change what ever I need to to do that. And I really wanna know why I lost complete connection at 800ft today. Other than that the phantom 3 has been amazing!!!
Wifi and Bluetooth on your phone/tablet are in the 2.4gHz band. Make sure they are both turned off. I've seen my video freeze in my neighborhood until I turn them off.

Elsewhere, I easily have over a mile range with Wifi and Bluetooth turned on.

My dumb theory: iPad wifi is trying to connect with other wifi's in my neighborhood when it sees them and increases the strength of its signal, or rapidly changes channels to get a connection. This process appears to be stepping on the Lightbridge signal.

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