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What are my temporary options??...

Discussion in 'Editing (Photo and Video)' started by JustinJ, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. JustinJ

    Sep 20, 2015
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    Dorset, UK
    Hi all,

    Help very much appreciated please!

    Ok, so my laptop is the following spec:


    I would like to record in 4K (on my pro) with the view to edit etc in the future. (There are a few clips from my amateur footage I would like to keep & use at some point)

    For the moment.. I am looking for some (free?) software to downscale my videos to 1080p - so that I may appreciate / watch the output on the laptop I have at the moment, (although, I don't think the laptop can even handle this well)

    I do have access to a 4K tv.. which is great when I get the chance to view some of my unedited footage (the quality looks amazing.. although the subject(s) are boring / crappy.. But I'm very impressed)

    Next month I actually anticipate purchasing my first Mac.. maybe 5k (I've only ever owned Windows PCs / laptops - apart from iPhones & iPads)

    This is why I'm not liking to invest much on a Windows set-up (as I anticipate purchasing final cut.. or investing in software on the new machine)

    Also, what experience does anyone have with using the iPad pro? I like the thought of using it to edit my amateur footage for personal use...

    I will be purchasing a 4K tv before spring also.

    Ok, so the reason for all of this need for upgrade & major spend is that I am changing my (main) profession (I do other things on the side)

    I have the opportunity to incorporate UAV video / photo into my existing work (after I get my permissions & learn all about photography & videography) which has been an interest I have not, until now, had the time or money to fulfil.

    Eventually, I hope that my developed skills will allow for more, (professional), types of work to come my way - as I can see many types of opportunity before me.

    & if it all fails - I know I will have a great time learning & pursuing an interesting hobby (maybe expensive - but worth it!)
  2. mirrorimage

    Sep 3, 2015
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    Palo Alto, California
    5K iMac would be perfect for editing.

    You can edit 4k movies on the iPad pro with iMovie, but it's still not that user friendly to be honest, and you'd need to buy an SD card adapter for the iPad.

    For your current computer, I'd really just recommend recording you P3P videos in 1080p until you can upgrade the RAM. That way you can enjoy watching them. Otherwise it's going to take you hours to convert 4k video (even small clips) into something you can watch.

    Have you tried using VLC to play back the 4K video? You might be able to play it back without editing at all. Your computer is more than fast enough, it's just you have too little RAM.

    Try watching a 4k clip with this software:
    VideoLAN - VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions for all OS!

    As for free conversion tool on Windows I'm not sure. You can try the free 30 day trial of Adobe Premier.
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