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Walkera G2D issue

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Monte55, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Monte55

    Apr 26, 2014
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    Raymore Missouri
    I have had my Walkera G2D gimbal for about a year now. I know it's not the best but for the ease of operation and price, it's worth the price. I think I paid
    about $68. I have never connected the pitch control. Don't care about that new.
    I have always had an issue with some jitters at times. Never figured that out yet. I have done everything I can think of from very soft rubbers to almost hard mounting it by compressing the rubbers. I am using the Gopro Hero 3 white camera and after adding weight on one side, it is balanced. I shoot at 1080 30 fps. Still working on that issue.
    Another thing I have noticed lately.
    If I power up the gimbal on my desk and lift quad and move it all around, the gimbal works well and quickly. But, I have noticed in some videos while flying, when I yaw the quad, the horizon if tilted but will slowly get back to level after I stop the yaw. I don't understand that. If I have the camera pointed straight ahead to where the horizon is straight, it is very obvious. If I have the camera pointed down slightly, the horizon is curved because of the
    wide angle effect of the lens and not so obvious then when I yaw. I even went back to view videos I shot last year and didn't see it as much as now. At first I used a second small battery to power the gimbal. A 7.4 v 850 ma lipo. I
    have since connected it to the quads aux power lead coming out of one leg. Didn't seem to make any difference in operation.
    I also a month or so ago when it was cold outside that if I powered gimbal up inside where warm and then went outside to the cold air, the gimbal after a minutes being exposed to the cold air, the camera would pitch up a bit and horizon was a bit off. If I readjusted while cold, it would stay there. If I didn't do readjustment while cold and brought it inside the warm house while still being powered, it would slowly level itself. Any ideas here.? The gimbal is not perfect but better than no gimbal at all. I'm not going to buy a bunch of cheap gimbals to see which works best or buy a P3 or 4 just to have a more steady video. Most of the video is acceptable but the jitters bother me. Worse on windy days and decending.
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