Mar 10, 2016
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North central Illinois
This abandoned roadway is just a few miles from where I live and I visit it every now and then looking for photo ops. It's a "safe" place to challenge my flying skills, where I won't bother anyone, and can easily retrieve the quad if I do make major contact with a grabby tree. I did have prop guards on it, to help ward them off.
A brave flight even in still air, curious as to the signal strength given the trees, etc. Not a place for compass errors bumping you into ATTI mode.
Yeah, I know I'm in a "danger zone". Just need to test the limits once in a while to stay sharp. In this case, no loss of signal. I've had a few encounters with trees. One over water, the other over a paved road. I managed to avoid a water landing in the first one, even with two broken props. But the pavement crash cost me $300 in repairs. I have since installed a gimbal guard, leg bracing and use removable prop guards in close quarters. I figure the worst case at this road site, would be a broken prop or two and crashing onto 3 foot deep grass.. I do have to remember to reset the go home setting, in case I do lose connection though. The quad going to 30 meters altitude to return would not work in this setting. Next time, if I feel like hiking, I might walk along with it to maintain a closer visual view. In the above video, I was flying almost entirely from the tablet screen. I did learn to adjust my horizontal location by moving left or right, and not turning the direction of flight.
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You had me at tree trimming...haha
Please don't be this guy.. Haha


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