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Dec 29, 2014
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Brisbane Australia
Hey Guys since i have posted this in an earlier post i would like to clarify and share some details with you. What we have Devised so far by We i mean Horizon FPV Antennas Ltd Mr Willam Paul who is the genius behind this and this was his brain child. We have cracked the code to over come the restrictions that dJi had on the battery and this mod (No one else has so far achieved this) lets u use any battery lipo/lion with any phantom that uses a smart battery. At this point we can not share details of the modification but all i can say is that it will give Huge flight times i mean some crazy ****. So guys if u see some flashing head lights don't worry i will pass you with a flick of an eye.! Not only we have done the battery Mod we have also taken care of the antenna part and currently i myself have tested some antennas 12db on pilot side for 2.4 and 1.7 db on bird side and have achieved 12 km of full fpv and the same for 5.8. these tests have already been done by me on the ground. this new system is Called the Horizon ELRS (Extreme Long Range system) and the code name is Apollo is the conversion Devised by OM Will also it uses another technique devised by OM Will that uses reverse Antenna Tracking (on the UAV) These are all facts and not told stories. May God give me good weather i need to flash some lights….!

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