SS Palo Alto - First Video With The Phantom 3 Professional - 4K UHD

Nov 8, 2013
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Here is a quick video I shot with my Phantom 3 Professional last evening. This was filmed entirely with one battery in 10-12MPH winds. The Phantom performed quite well considering the breeze and being pushed quite hard to get enough shots for a video in only one flight. I edited and uploaded it in full 4K so you can see what the full quality video of a P3 Pro looks like.

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Very impressive considering wind and a single flight. Stabilization, exposure and image quality was most impressive for a $1,250 unit. Thanks for posting in 4k and sharing your work. Looking g forward to seeing more.
Impressive video! how did do the below/inside the bridge takes..did you reverse the video?
I'll be visiting friends who vacation on Beach Drive. I'll bring all 3 batteries, but since my P1 with SJ1000 has no gimbal and no fpv, I can't hope to duplicate your video there. When I was a kid you could walk all the way out onto the end of the boat and fish. There's a ranger hut at the entrance to the pier. Did the ranger give you any trouble about shooting there?
Very nice, has almost convinced me to get the P3P, and I never shoot video! Full screen on my 27" iMac this looked great. Perfect timing for filming without the harsh sun. Great job!
Good video .. plenty of interest and nice camera control.
I wanted it to go longer.
Note the neat way the Cormorants space themselves on the deck areas.
They are all at pecking distance + 2 inches from their neighbours.
Awesome work! Well done. Im still saving for a P3 lol

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