Sick of DJI and its customer "service"

Jun 29, 2016
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Guys.. I am so upset..
I asked DJI if i still have warranty on my P2 V+ V3. I received as a gift and flew it first on jun 8. 2016. I flew it first.
They said that ok, send it to us and we will be able to DETERMINE if its still under warranty or not...
Asked them several times that why don't they able to determine from my serial. Answer was the same.. Send it they determine

Ok, I sent them (bunch of money).
They immediately found out miraculously that Wifi board is bad. After they received it, 1,5 hours. Quick hah??

My issues:
-no live feed (after 3 flights)
-phantom connection broken screen (black) (3-4 times)
-telemetry ok
-no picture or video recording worked (10 times)

And the invoice says 283 EUR (with broken battery as well, after 2nd charge it had cell error).
Asked them again, why couldn't they just say there is no warranty so I wouldn't send them for a lot of money back and forth, their answer:


this case was quoted, because you sent it in without the bill of the Phantom 2.
We need the bill (with purchase date + S/N of your Phantom 2 + battery) to check if it´s in warranty period.
The Wifi Video link module is defect and the battery doesn´t work correctly.
So those parts on the invoice are necessary to repair/replacem, so all your Problems will be fixed.

This is where I say, fxxxxxxck you and rot in hell... this is not customer service...
I think I am done with DJI forever. FOR-E-VER!

I am going to spam their email system for months until they either repair my phantom because of they are the origin of the issue or send me back free.. I don't care how much time it will take. This is war now.

Really guys, every second thread is about this issue.. We should do something about this rubbish firm.
How can we get proof that they are messing up with the firmware?
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Jun 29, 2016
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I sent a not so satisfied mail to DJI, and in just a day they reply back to me that they checked the serial and it is still under warranty except the battery.
So they fix it for me finally, I am really glad, and they also apologized for any inconveniences.
P2 has warranty until april 2016.

lets see what happens next. maybe they just need some "nice talk"? i dont know...

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