Shipping to Europe?

I'm told by my DJI dealer that there will be new P3P to DK on May 4, at least my dealer will receive them at this day. So I think they will arrive to DK on Friday, but this is a holiday and shops are closed.
My order (P3A) status is shipped. estimated delivery date 7.4. I live in Finland and my customer ref. number was 5288
Customer Reference is for support, not queue number. You all need to contact DJI and beg them to give you your Priority Number, I´m at 2800 something.

I will quote what support told me today: "Only the reference number is for customer service."

People with over 20.000 in customer reference has had their Phantoms delivered, that does not match with us under 20.000.
Got my P3P shipped already on Tuesday, but DJI did not update my shipping status until today. I will get it most likely in next Monday/next week. It's already in London. Happy joy!

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