Received canadian P3P today

Apr 30, 2015
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Ordered P3P with extra battery from April 30 and got it today.
Great guy to deal with, quick response and bend backwards to accommodate his customers.
Paid in US dollars and save a ton of money instead of the Canadian List Price.

Up and running within 1 hour with all the updates, registration etc.
Tried with Samsung note 3 8 inch and Samsung tab s 8.4, both works flawlessly.
Very please with performance so far. Went through a couple of battery charges.
Wish the second battery will arrive soon.

These are my observations:

-Updated firmware seems to work better. Except after updated firmware, I have to exit the app and go back in sometimes when I change batteries etc. or it will ask me to calibrate imu or sometimes tells me to update firmware if I swap in different SD card.
-Generally well built unit, and EXCELLENT for the PRICE. There are much better birds out there with better cameras and flexibility, but NOT at this price.
-I do not believe in the 3DR philosophy of being able to expand etc. The technology in drones are going so fast, you better count on this being obsolete in 12 months.
-Absolutely Rock Stable.
-Camera is good but I think I need to calibrate and tweak it once all the other bugs are worked out.
Clarity is great but the colour is way off.

The usual problem with the gimbal lock sitting in the bottom of the box.
I wonder how many people is flying these birds with the "ensure that the propeller is securely tightened label still on the motor". Better instruction on start up should be given, like lens piece. labels, and the famous foam piece on the gimbal.

-I think one of the biggest problem is these RTF units are so good that you are getting a lot of newbies that are jumping into this drone thing head first, blind folded and after consuming a case of 24. I can see crashes and falling birds and injuries everywhere in the near future.

I did not push the unit at all until all the crash issues are figured out.
Even transfer the blade guard over when testing since my clearing is about 10 ft x 10 ft for landing and takeoff with tree canopy all around.

Will use the old bird for the time being until I am sure this thing is not going to fly away.

The only problem with flight so far is I killed about 5000 thousand mosquitos in the two flights.
The entire craft is covered in chopped up bugs. I have to clean the propellers between flights, they are grey in colour with bugs.

Wish all you folks good luck with getting your bird soon and take it easy with the bird until all the bugs are worked out.
May 18, 2014
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Nipissing Township, Ontario, Canada
Hi CanduBob,

Arrggh! I'm also in Canada but pre-ordered from US Hobby to pay in US dollars.

I was assured yesterday that I wouldn't lose my place in the queue by cancelling my order for an Advanced and re-ordering the Professional. However, it looks like I lost out despite the promises.

I'm afraid I'll have to wait for the next batch - if they can find out what happened to my second PayPal payment.

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