Range Extender and Remote Controller Charging

Jun 30, 2014
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Wadsworth, Illinois
I know every time I go out to fly the flight batteries are fully charged, but my question is about the batteries in the upgraded Remote Controller and the Range Extender. What are the proper charging procedures?
Normally when I return from flying I put all the spent used batteries on the chargers and top off the charge on each. And I'll admit most of the time I have left them on the charger until I pack up to go out agin and sometimes the can be for days on end. It appears the chargers shutdown when the units are fully charged and it doesn't seem to make a difference that the batteries are still connected." Knock on wood" I have been doing this for quite awhile and everything appears to work fine.
What prompted my questioning these procedures, was I have a MacBook Pro, that I left plugged in continuously and the Lipo battery bloated, but this was years after having it plugged in around the clock.
I rechecked the manual before posting this and could find no recommended procedures. I've can remember reading previous threads about Pilots reporting bloated batteries but I assumed those were defective batteries. Another thread talked about discharging the batteries 50% before storage.
If anybody has any ideas or suggestions it would be appreciated, like everyone else I want these batteries to last as long as possible.
Thanks everybody Happy Flying
Just charge the controller and the wifi extender like you would a smart phone. Its never "recommended" that you leave them plugged in after they are charged, but you'll be fine. As for your flight batteries, you probably don't want to recharge them after every use. Its better to store them at half charge. They are actually programed to partially discharge themselves after 10 days without use.
Thanks Erik, If I understand you right 50% charging is only for when I will storing it, but if I'm flying everyday a full charge overnight shouldn't hurt it like you said like a cellphone.
Thanks Erik, If I understand you right 50% charging is only for when I will storing it, but if I'm flying everyday a full charge overnight shouldn't hurt it like you said like a cellphone.
The cell phone reference was meant for the Wifi extender and the Controller.

For the flight batteries you should be more careful. They can and do catch fire and explode. I've seen it first hand. If you are flying every day, then you are fine recharging them the way you have been. To be safe, I would say you should at least try to remember to disconnect from the charger when the flight battery is done.... but as you've figured out, it's probably fine when you forget. Ultimately it's a bigger safety issue than battery life issue. The internal circuits should cut the connection for you, but at some point as your battery charger ages, the risk will increase.
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I charge all my batteries fully just prior to flying ( literally hours before flying). I bring my Phantom down at 35% and that's where I store my batteries. The controller and extender don't get recharged until just prior to the next flight. I never leave anything charging longer than it takes just to charge them. I never charge Phantom batteries right after use when they are warm. I let them cool fully down before recharging if I want to go flying again later the same day. So far I'm not seeing any degradation in performance after 50 flights on each of my 3 batteries.
the range extender takes forever for some reason, no matter what it's plugged into.
I charge Extender and TX with any 2 amps charger ( iPad, Galaxy or Beats pild charger.) That works faster than standard 1. amp cellphone charger (or worst USB PC charging) . Batteries won't suffer because charger is not "injecting" all its power... just the required for each device.
Around batteries, I have 4 original DJI... Always landed with 35%~40% remaining...( not tempting to devil reaching down to <20%.)
I storage them without any additional charge. Even 2-3 months.... recharge day prior flying. No visible (blow) or power loose after 40 cycles.

In addition... I carry to flight field a portable power bank (1-2 amps) and that saved my day 2-3 times when Range Extender ran out of power. Here the link:

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