Phantom P3A with many accessories and support items $650 non shipped, tablet not included (SOLD)

May 13, 2017
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O'Fallon, Missouri
Notice to Phantom Pilots: This is a copy/paste from my Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace postl. Please forigve some of the basics that our members here already know.


Original owner Phantom 3 Advanced drone Ready to fly (with standard pre-flight configurations performed by pilot)

All the accessories you could hope for. Numerous filters of various types, five batteries, two full sets replacement props, Three bank battery charger, enhanced landing gear, gimbal anti-vibration Dampners installed, numerous anti-collision postage stamp sized strobes (high intensity, FAA rated, multli colors, USB rechargable), Marco Polo handheld digtal finder system with onboard transmitter (never used), five foot diameter bright orange landing heli-pad (with carry case), four high intensity landing platform strobe lights, two parabolic range extenders, unused viewing platform sun covers, Hardcase foam lined carry case (will only hold the basics, as there are so many other items), Massive 64 GB micro SanDisk chip installed, micro disk adapter (for desktop use) included as well, and MUCH more (several battery quick discharge units, $50 prop balancer, filter removal tool,yada, yada. for example). This drone has "auto home return on demand" and "auto return home upon lost flight signal." Please read specs online for specifics, which is a high recommendation for anyone.

Note: This drone is FAA registered under my name. The onboard transmitter case for the Marco Polo signal sender has my assigned FAA registration number embossed on it. All the other FAA decals have been removed. I am leaving the FAA ebossed case on, so the new owner can utilize it, however I will be deleting the FAA number and my name with the FAA.

Never crashed or damaged, low flight use. DJI records show 7 hours flight history, approximately 21 flight miles, 57 flights total Do not purchase this as a toy. It is not. Wholly adult owned, and only flown by me (I'm 70 years old, and wife and I are doing some home organizing). Our residential three acre lot is loaded with high trees, so this drone was used so very little in it's approximate eight years. Really to much info to cover here.

Contact me personally, and I can forward detailed Youtube flight videos, etc. DJI Phantom 3 Advanced specs and owners manual are excessive, so I won't post them redundantly here. They are easily found online.This P3A is non-returnable or refundable. That is ironclad as I have no idea what proper pre-flight, in-flight, and landing procedures are being followed by new owner(s).

That being said, I never in my life have sold anything I don't consider fully worthwhile.If a buyer (by some slightest chance) has any concern that what I have represented is not up to par, I will take all presented facts into consideration.If buyer wishes to purchase as a gift for someone, most support accessories are not manufacturer boxed due to field use. However, the original Phantom 3 Advanced box IS included and very presentable. Filters and the like are OEM boxed as well.
All pictures and/or videos posted here (or sent via request) are of this actual drone. Nothing reposted from the internet.
Due to megabyte restraints, the only way I can think of to convey video is via YouTube links. I'll try one or two here.
Warning: I do NOT claim to be a video editing pro! :)
Local pickkup O Fallon, Missouri area preferred.
Can ship, but will ovviously not be in-expensive. I anticipate $100 USPS? Would be pre-paid by purchaser.
You guys are the wizzos. I am not. If I left anything out, please let me know!

This was about the best flight/editing I did with my setup. At the very end, you'll see a black Dodge Charge pulling in on us. He was an unmarked county deputy. He warned us of Homeland issues on flying to close to the bridge.. Nice guy, and he was a 107 pilot himselt. As a retired LEO myself, I chose not to debate the issue. We were done flying, and preparing to leave anyway. Interesting!

This was a autonomous pre-programmed flight from our home deck, to a bridge about two miles away. No interaction from me, except for final landing. No big deal video-wise, but the hands-off endevour itself amazed me!

A simple back deck, heli-pad take off and short home cruise:

Flying with the birds at home! :)


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