Phantom 3 Pro short clip of choppy video?

Aug 10, 2016
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I have a phantom 3 pro that I have only flown a few times now and it seems to work perfectly. I have a few questions and I apologize if this is the wrong section to post. My first question is I made this video today and cut down this clip just to show you the bad sections here. In this clip the P3P was facing the sun I tried recording in 4k 24fps. The wind was about 8-10mph with gusts to 15mph. Whenever I would run the drone in this direction I get this flickering video I guess you would call it. Any suggestions on what it could be?

Next is I recorded in 4k but my computer does not support 4k video. I tried taking the micro sd card from the P3P and put it in a card reader that supports usb 3.0 and connected it to my Samsung 4k tv that also has a usb 3.0 connection and on my tv it says video not supported. I converted the video down to 720p and this clip is what it looks like after I downgraded the video (the jittering you see in the video was there no matter what I converted the video to).

So I guess my 2 questions are could this jittering be from facing the sun and the wind together and if not what could it be? Second question is if I fly my drone and record in 4k 24fps how can I play the video on my 4k tv without having to convert the video to a lower quality?

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