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Phantom 3 alternative charger

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Jaroslaw, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Jaroslaw

    Jul 18, 2015
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    Urgently I have to do 2-3 days raid to 10-12h a day with my Phantom 3 Adv. Currently I have three additional batteries so I need two more chargers to "continuously" flight.
    Original DJI charger will cost $75 (100W) or $50 (57W). So I ordered on aliexpress rapid charger for three batteries. Unfortunately, after the first chinese lingered over a week with shipping, secondly package now stuck at customs clearance.
    I found on Youtube a video about charging P2/P3 battery by rc chargers: .
    The cost of dual-channel rc charger with power 80-100W is $100-125 in my country.
    But do I need such a specialized charger when the batteries into the Phantoms are "intelligent" and have a built-in processor for loading lipo?
    The original charger DJI to Phantom 3 looks like a regular power supply to the laptop, and not as rc charger. It has one one catch: untypical output voltage of 17.4V. Similarly, the charger Phantom 2 - 12,6V.
    Batteries have a voltage of 15.2V (Phantom3) and 11.1V (Phantom2).
    In the video guy charges its batteries voltage 16V with Pb program (no lipo). In the commentary he says that the Phantom 2 batteries can be charging 12V. Is's slightly more than the battery voltage (15.2V and 11.1V).
    So I wonder whether it is not enough to buy a universal power supply laptopowy such Qoltec Monolith for $20 (http://www.qoltec.com/product/power-adapters/laptop/universal-car-adapter-120w-9-plugins). You can also set the voltage of 16V at a current 6A and you get 100W charger. The problem would only making appropriate

    Did I think right with these chargers?
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