Phantom 2 Vision+ (V2) Package For Sale

Dec 4, 2014
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Atlanta, Ga, USA
Package Incudes:

- One Phantom 2 Vision+ (v2) quad with a total of around 25 hours of flight time by an experience RC flyer. It has never been crashed (not even a close call). The on board WiFi transceiver has been modded for proper cooling. The "foil" mod for better GPS reception has also been done. Additionally, the gimbal has the Killer RC gimbal protector installed. Lastly, the quad has had the V2 ECSs installed in case the buyer wants to upgrade to the latest motors. All firmware is up to date.

- A total of three flight batteries with custom decals identifying each battery (battery 1, battery 2, and battery 3). All have been cycled between 12 and 15 times and all read above 90% life. They have never been stored at full charge for more than 48 hours. All firmware is up to date.

- Remote control has custom decals added which identify the position of every switch as well as the CSC locations for each stick (for arming). On the back there is also a custom decal defining the light patterns for the FCS. All firmware is up to date. Included is a backup set of 4 AA Duracell batteries.

- Three sets of props, including one set of high thrust props.

- Bag of extra parts, including several sets of gimbal mounting grommets and "no drop" pins. Also, the original gimbal backplate is in the bag.

- All original cables and main battery charger, including an Apple iPhone USB power supply for charging the WiFi extender.

- One 8GB, class 10, micro-SD memory card (upgraded from the original 4GB).

- Custom Gator, marine grade case, which everything fits in neatly. This is one of the best cases on the market in my opinion and is completely waterproof, will float, and includes a pressure relief valve. The custom cut, closed-cell foam insert is very strong and will not disintegrate over time.

This is over $1700 worth of gear. I am asking $1000 for everything, which is over a 40% discount from retail. PM me if interested. Serious inquiries only please.
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