P4 Special Edition Black paint color code search

Dec 29, 2016
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Has anyone figured out the paint color code of the Black P4?

It's not actually black, more of a dark grey, with some slight sliver to it.

I still think it was colored after Airwolf as the paint code on the TV chopper was Dupont Phantom grey.
It seem awfully coincidental, that it matches the paint color scheme (grey/off white) of Airwolf and Airwolf was painted a color called "phantom". Does anyone know why DJI chose to produce the black P4, the story behind it?

The reason I ask is that I like things to match and down the road, once black items for the Special Edition Phantom become too expensive or to hard to find, I want to be able to paint these myself if desired. I dont like wraps or skins, although thats what I will be using on my hdmi port because it only comes in white. Just havent had time to find an appropriate matte carbon fiber material to wrap it in.

Plus it might help a vendor who wants to sell aftermarket goods in that color.

Is the Mavic the same color?

Here is some research data:

- The Airwolf wiki that mentions the color Phantom Gray Metallic - DuPont Imron 5031X or 5031K:
Airwolf (helicopter) - Wikipedia

- A hobby model builder who painted a model to match:
Dennis Rc
The model builder in the article had some issues matching the paint and had to custom mix the Dupont color.
I suspect DJI would have the same issue and has a custom color. The Black Phantoms are sprayed, they are not molded in black. The evidence of this is on the screw holes where you can see areas the paint did not reach.

The metal flake in the original Airwolf paint would be too big for an accurate replica on a hobby scale. It is likely that DJI did this paint color to match "in the spirit of.." but it's not exactly dupont imron 5031 but something similar.

A photo of a miniature used in the tv show:

If at all possible.......
Somebody go to the China factory and swipe me a gallon of this paint, and also snap a pic of the invoice so I can see where they bought it. thx.

I wonder if calling DJI would help?
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I tried some color charts already, and I have access to a calibrator and matching tool that I might try.
but it might give weird results from the metal flake, it has in the past.
I also own the black Phantom 4 and I'm curious as well. I also suspect that the paint scheme is intended to match the AirWolf Helicopter. Have you tried to email DJI and ask them for a color code?
Nobody ever solved this, now the black editions are no longer being sold from best buy, the batteries will be out of stock soon. And the black/dark grey props are no longer being made. Thanks for the 11 months of support dji.

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