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P3P serious burning smell from back right (Black) Motor

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by discobrother, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. discobrother

    Nov 23, 2014
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    Ok so went for a quick flight this evening and ran into some trouble. Hadn't flown my phantom for about a month or so. My battery was reading about 50% but my remote controller was low about 17%. This wasn't an issue i felt as was only planning a short distance 5 minute flight or so at low altitude.

    When i was up about 30 secs i got the warning message 'propulsion limited to protect battery' then a few seconds later the drone went into an automatic landing maneuover. I still had control and i was able to try fly back to my take off point at the back of my house, however i had to battle against the auto hard descent to keep enough altitude to get back. I did get back... however on landing i was unable to stop the motors via pulling diagonal on control sticks and then my drone fell over on one side throwing the back right prop into the grass (soft ground) It then began to emit a very loud squealing sound and the motor began to smell as if it was burning. The other props had stopped at this stage but the only way i could get the burning motor to stop was to pull the batter from the bird. The silver metal casing on the motor was red hot and again a smell of burning.

    I allowed the motor to cool somewhat and then put a new battery in and all seems fine. All motors starting etc but im still worried that some damage has been done and i would be fear full of a long distance flight etc. Any ideas on how to check the health of my bird?
  2. Oso


    May 19, 2015
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    Western US
    Flip overs happen often when CSC is used to stop motors once landed. Use only left stick down to stop your motors when on the ground or when caught. Read this post for more info on that.

    Also, there are many thread about this happening to motors when using CSC and people wondering about their motors after a burning smell. I think this one is the latest, but you can search for burning smell to perhaps find more info. Most motors seem to be okay afterwards, but I suppose only you can decide if you can trust it enough to risk your P3.

    Also, don't take off with a depleted battery. As soon as I read "it was about 50%" I knew there would be trouble. There are several similar posts with people saying "I was only planning a short flight." Your story is better than most since you were able to land.
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  3. RedHotPoker

    May 3, 2015
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    Edmonton Alberta
    The first and last thing I do before going flying is turn everything on at home and check on all three of my flight kit battery levels. That would include my four Drone battery packs, the Rc and my iPad Air2. I like to have everything fully charged for maximum fun aloft. ;-)
    The only reason I would takeoff, on a low battery, would be a UFO.

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