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P3P is an Amazing Product in My Opinion, Thank You DJI Team

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Stan_in_KS, May 9, 2015.

  1. Stan_in_KS

    Apr 27, 2015
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    Wichita, Kansas
    I am an electronics engineer and computer design engineer. Retired. I own the Phantom 2 Vision, the P2 Vision+ and now the P3P and P3A and I have to compliment DJI on the fantastic improvements in the P3 product over the P2 products. So much of the Inspire App features showed up. The Light Bridge technology, FPV at 720P, Live Streaming, Indoor Sensors, Improved motor design, and tilted motors to give better speed and performance. A much better camera, with more exposure control, and much smoother transitions as the camera adjusts. A better lens choice, and the stability of the gimbal is almost impossible for me to believe knowing what I do about engineering such a device. You also added all these improvements and kept the size and weight so similar to the P2 product. Being able to fit the P3 in a back pack and take it with you on a vacation or trip is an amazing value, and I'm glad you kept it that size. All for a price that is very impressive, making this amazing integrated technology package available to many hobbyists, industries and professionals.

    I am sure police department, sheriffs, Highway Patrol, Fire Departments, game wardens, search and rescue and news reporting organizations will all soon be P3 equipped. Even high-school year-book teams will put the P3 in their budget. The P3 product is so easy and stable to fly, creates such sharp videos and still photos that have so much potential.

    If the FAA and other government over-regulation doesn't kill the potential revenue for photographers and videographers, this product will allow many small businesses to add innovative products, services and revenues. The P3 is ideal for tower inspections, bridge inspections, power-line inspections, roof inspections, crop inspections and security patrols for farmers and ranchers to check out their property for vandalism and theft.

    An innovative tool with outstanding performance for a great price. I've already seen P2 and P3 shots in many TV shows, TV commercials, documentaries, news reports and movies that you can tell came from a Phantom. There will be more, and soon you will see Live Feed news reports using the P3 for many common news events and many dangerous events that they cannot film or get close to without a P3.

    The development and marketing team set a very high bar for the DJI hardware and software designers when they created the target specifications the P3, and all I can say is they did a great job, in my opinion. I know some units may have bugs, software releases may have bugs, but the size and scope of what the DJI Team included in the P3 package is amazing if you understand the complexity of the technology. I'm sure there are more features and software to be added through software upgrades and new complimentary apps.

    So I know with so many DJI customers around the world, so many new drone owners and the potential for so many potential problems from operator errors, crashes or equipment problems, I'm sure the team gets bombarded every day with angry customers and their complaints and problems.

    But for those operators like me with a lot of P2 experience, the P3 flies like a dream, takes beautiful photos and videos, and I am still learning the new App features, like Director and Live Feed after only a few days of having the IOS App. I've been CEO of companies I founded with 1,500 employees selling, delivering and supporting state-of-the-art microprocessor based technology all over the world, and from my experience the DJI team is doing a fantastic job, in my opinion. So when the team is frustrated from getting yelled at by operators and customers complaints from someone who flew their P3 out 5+ Km and it fell in the lake before it could make it back to shore, show them this comment so they know what a great job they really did. Thank you so much for all your work creating and supporting the P3 products and your growing list of new drone customers.

    Many of my friends bought the P2 product after I gave them a demonstration and answered their questions. I've called several in the days after the April 8th product launch and every one had already ordered the P3, now that is product loyalty.
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  2. mconheady

    Feb 3, 2014
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    Thanks for sharing this experience!
  3. dhaslam

    Apr 8, 2015
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    Smart phones have developed so quickly that the technology was bound to spill over into a lot of other products. The video processing required for smartphones and digital cameras would have needed a super computer not very long ago. However the one item that hasn't quite kept pace is battery development. Commercial drones would ideally have several hours flight time. There are so many applications for compact batteries that it may not take very long before that is possible.
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  4. Bob Publicover

    Apr 28, 2015
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    Stuart, Florida
    Stan, I'm not an engineer. But I do appreciate the amazing P3. This technology amazes me every time I watch someone's posted videos. I have a P2V+ and am waiting for my P3A.
    The DJI team deserves an thumbs up from ALL their customers.
    Lastly, Why am I so impressed with this technology?
    Because I clearly remember buying my first car with a radio operated using "tubes"!!!!

    What's a tube......I think Google may not give you the correct answer.
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