P3A Custom FLIR setup - compass problems

Oct 24, 2020
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I recently ported a FLIR Vue Pro thermal camera (mounted on a FeiyuTech gimbal) to a P3A that I have floating around. This FLIR/gimbal setup replaced the stock camera, and I used a set of 12V outputs that formerly connected to the camera in order to power it, an AKK X2 5.8Ghz VTX, and a Futaba R2008SB radio receiver, which controls the FLIR/gimbal setup (pictures below). The setup works by itself wonderfully -- I get thermal video out to a ground station, and I can control the camera with an independent radio, as in many other examples of this system that I've seen which are commercially available. However, I booted up the aircraft with the mounted hardware for a full systems test, and I noticed two problems in DJI GO:

(1) Abnormal compass readings -- I'm confident in my ATTI mode skills, having practiced primarily in ATTI mode for years, so this isn't too much of a concern for me. It does seem to be prohibiting the motors from even starting, however, even when it is set to ATTI mode.
(2) RF interference -- this is concerning. I've localized the source of this to the radio transmitter that I'm using to control the gimbal (I've tried both a Futaba T8J and a Taranis QX7, just to see if one was better at frequency selection than the other), and, whenever the second transmitter is on, DJI GO registers strong RF interference. Whenever it is off, the interference goes away. Whether or not the VTX is transmitting is not an issue, nor if the gimbal is powered or not.

However, as said, I've seen examples of what I'm trying to do and I know that this setup should be doable. I could drop the camera/etc. lower, which might mitigate the compass issue, but the RF interference issue has me stymied. Any ideas on how to work through this?


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