P3 V2 - wish list, what do you want included ?

May 10, 2014
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Ok, now everyone is jumping with joy or otherwise.

What do you want on the V2 of the phantom 3 ?

Better battery life.
- Better battery life (always)
- HDMI output
- Upgraded, more robust gimbal
- Possibility of dedicated video controller (like inspire)
- Different design
- m4/3 camera, higher still resolution
- retractable legs, 360 degree gimbal
- Swappable gimbal for other cameras (Sony RX100iii ie)

Pretty much what you'd get in an inspire today actually. No reason denying that it's the drone I really want.

And of course, a fix for all the things that are going to be faulty on the P3 V1.
I don't know if its in the software but fly around an object at X distance.
Dear DJI... Enable a second P3 camera operator controller and allow the camera operator to use Drone Yaw as camera pan.

This will empower the P3 drone with no separate camera pan mechanism to use the drones yaw as camera pan while the drone continues its pilot controlled flight path regardless of how yaw was used by the camera operator. Once the point of interest shot is complete, the pilot goes back to normal operation.

Please seriously look into adding a relatively simple software feature to hand over drone yaw to a second camera operator for a number of seconds while the pilot fly's in what is called Absolute Mode. This will enable getting professional pan/tilt shots as the P3 fly's by a point of interest.

DJI has two user programmable buttons on the bottom side of the controller. Map one of those to toggle between Absolute and Normal Modes.

Key Point: If you don't objectively know about or truly understand this concept, then go to school on the AR Drone Absolute Mode and the Android App called AR Drone Flight Pro. In that app, a second camera operator was added making a two-person pilot-camera operator pair. DJI has used the down-facing camera and ultrasonic techniques of the years old AR Drone for its Inspire and P3 lines.... so surely it can use this other feature too.

There is no 360 degree limit. It is infinite pan while in this temporary flight mode at a point of interest.

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