P2 Intelligent Battery - cleaning terminals?

Jan 29, 2015
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There are a number of posts suggesting problems with voltage drop in flight - all very difficult to confirm unless you have a logger etc.

I believe both the spade contacts and the monitoring contacts in this battery are gold-plated - and so presumably are their opposite mates on the Quad.

Would it be good practice to clean these occasionally - they shouldn't tarnish, but they may get dirty.

My inclination is to wipe them with a cotton-wool-bud soaked in proprietary "contact cleaner" which may contain both a lubricant and perhaps alcohol and/or propane (as propellant).

Any advice against this would be welcome.
Never a bad idea to clean the contacts. I use DeoxIT every 10 flights or so (using a Q-tip) just to be on the safe side. No power failure (yet).
I have a P2(nv) with 1 battery and 62 cycles on it.
I replaced my control system with a Futaba T10J (w/telemetry) so I can monitor Batt. V+.

I have never cleaned any of the contacts on the batt. or quad and never had any problems.
As the battery ages it has resulted in reduced flight times (now about 16 min.) but no unexpected brown/drop-outs.
I clean mine with DeoxIT exactly as beeline described above. A Q-tip cannot fit in some of the areas, so I just spray them and let it dry.

You can buy DeoxIT on Amazon.
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As a computer systems analyst I can tell you that over time gold contacts will oxidize and provide some resistance. Always a good idea to clean contacts once in a while. See what happens to a car battery contacts over a long period of time. Oxidation. Clean with a good contact cleaner or as a minimum a cotton swab with denatured alcohol. One every few months seems to do the trick unless you fly every single day then step it up. Taking the battery in and out, on and off charger and exposed to air will build up a residue over time.

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