Ohio Scenery

Jan 27, 2016
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Scenery in west central Ohio isn't quite as spectacular as along the coasts in in the mountains. Took my P3A to the local park and shot some video along the river. I originally set up a Litchi mission, but chickened out when i saw how close the trees were at time. Flew up and back a few times until I was fairly comfortable with the route and then captured this: Dropbox - Buck Creek copy.mp4

Nothing spectacular, but good practice.
And in the "Everyone makes mistakes" column - I was so focussed on getting set up and planning the route that I didn't even think when I started up and tried to fly off the bridge LOTS of BIG steel girders and a Blaring "Compass Error" message! Moved off the bridge to the grass, restarted and everything was fine.
A side note, when I finished, I noticed the local Flag Football league was playing in the field across from where I was parked. Went over and sent the bird up ( well to the side of the field and never over any players or spectators. At half-time, went over to the organizer and introduced myself. Offered to give them some of the footage for their webpage. They were very friendly and invited me back in 2 weeks for their playoffs! Plan to let the players know that they can purchase videos if they are interested. (Yes, I have all of the Part 107 paperwork in place).Who knows, but I figured it was worth an hour or two of my time.

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