Now I have a better understanding of why people feel that drones are spying on them...

Feb 6, 2017
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Now I have a better understanding of why people think drones are spying on them...

Watched a episode of Carspotting last night. First time for me. Typical "Find an old classic junker and refurb it for a profit" show. This one is set in the Pacific Northwest (my area) so I thought I would take a chance and watch an episode.

Every one of these shows have some sort of catch to them and the hook they use is it is 3 - 30 year old brothers (I think they are brothers, maybe just friends, 2 of the main characters are brothers at least) and they use "high technology" to find the cars they purchase and refurb.

The "high technology" they use is a quadcopter (looked like a Parrot to me) flying at 1000 feet, ranging about a 1 mile - 2 miles to spot vehicles in fields. They then reduce altitude when they see a likely target (sometimes 3-4 feet of the ground) and fly around the various vehicles they see. Once they find what they are looking for, they land on the site, and follow the gps coordinates on foot to the drone.

It just seemed to me to be wrong in so many ways. I realize that much of it is filmed for maximum dramatic effect but I have new sympathy for people who feel that drones are surveilling their property, that their privacy is being invaded and that they have the right to "capture" the drone.

I think that this TV show demonstrates a lot of what people think drones are doing when they fly over their property. I won't get into the height and beyond vlos issues depicted or how I would feel about 3 guys all of a sudden appearing out of the bush and poking around my property.

I know I am starting to ramble so I will wrap this up.
So to ask the obvious question...does this show illustrate what the general public feels is invasion of privacy by drones or am I just too sensitive?
I think your concern is valid and it hasn't gone without notice. I haven't seen the show, but most of theses reality shows are staged to some extent. I think their drone footage is just a gimmick. I doubt that lawyers for Discovery would let them actually trespass.
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