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North America Buyers Beware

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EMCSQUAR, Feb 26, 2014.


    Sep 5, 2013
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    N 44.895 W 93.354 Minnesota
    As title says North America Ebay buyers beware of this guy - http://stores.ebay.com/bargainsalot/

    My brother purchased a Quattro charger from him a month ago, 3rd channel went bad, vendor requested he send it back to inspect. Now vendor claimed a) "You're mistaken you didn't buy it from me then story changed to B) It's been opened and repaired sorry...

    My brother knows ZERO about repairing anything electronic and he returned it in good faith for warranty. Hell if he had asked me I could've probably fixed it for him but he went the "good guy" warranty route and is now getting run around. I advised him to file claim with Ebay & PayPal and that's pending (and now he's borrowing my charger...)

    Just wanted to warn the forum of this guy and be careful when buying Ebay stuff. Stick to real vendors.
  2. ianwood

    ianwood Taco Wrangler

    Jan 7, 2014
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    Lost Angeles
    eBay is hit or miss. When I was putting my P2 FPV together, I ordered a bunch of stuff from different vendors on eBay. 4 out of 5 all got it to me within a couple of days. The last one, despite being in California like I am, hadn't shipped anything a week after the order. After a whole bunch of back and forth, I got eBay to refund me, seller got a negative rating and I got the missing piece from B&H by next day delivery. You need to read the customer feedback on each seller to really know if they're any good.
  3. amrflyingdude

    Dec 18, 2013
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    I have bought and sold a lot on ebay. Couple of delayed items that ebay took care of for me but overall an excellent experience . My best advice is look at the seller ratings and read anything negative there, if i see a pattern or a series of bad stuff I just buy it from someone else.
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