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Jun 4, 2015
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i think that title about says it. im a total newb to R/C. i now am a phantom 2 vision owner. the last R/C thing i remember messing with was not even an R/C - a cox car that had the gas and the glow plug motor when i was a little kid.. remember the car that ran in a straight line at 3000 m.p.h. until it hit something and destroyed into 37 pieces?

so, anyways, so far so good. we have 3 flights up so far, and are learning. couple of tip overs at landing, one had interference of a soccer goal, and the control got dumb on me for a second and i lost it, at about 3in off the ground, so no huge deal. no super crashes yet.

i was at the park, staying in my self made boundary of a football field or so, thinking i'm king of everything airborne, and a MR flies overhead, going horizion to horizion. we were like 'holy crap did you see that!'

pretty soon, it approaches again from some other direction, only to fly out the opposite horizion line. this dude is getting MILES of range. i think it was an inspire, but im not expert at craft identification yet.

so, i AM an IT guy, and i understand wireless, and antenna theory, at least more than the average dude. i will be reading the antenna hack posts with great interest. and the GPS posts.

ive already bought a tk102 to track with - i hope to get that going this week. i thought i lost control of the craft @ around 400' away and took off running at it like i was going to do something. then i realized i had lost video, but still had control of the craft. after i figured out what direction it was facing, i brought it back in. scared the hell out of me. but to that point, stronger video antennas are a must - should go at least as far as stick control IMO. once you are out that far you cannot 'see' your craft, it is just a dot. to me that makes the video MORE important at that range. i dont get it.

thanks to all you already here, posting up the good info on extending ranges, changing GPS chips, shielding the top of the GPS ic chip, etc. man i should have bought one of these a long time ago this thing begs for modification!

try not to die -

- saylor


May 26, 2015
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Really made me laugh about the Cox car thing. We were just talking about that the other day.
Range extender mods are all over YouTube. One really good one was titled "Range Extender For Under 20 Bucks"
Going to try that one myself, as soon as I can get a list of supplies from the guy. I have posted a message to him. I will pass it along, if/when I get the details.

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