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Need something positive!

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by gogowanda, May 7, 2014.

  1. gogowanda

    Apr 10, 2014
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    Hey can someone share a lost 'n found story please? Too many flyaway stories, too depressing...
  2. Cr8tive_leo

    Feb 6, 2014
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    Ontario, Canada
    Everyone's out looking for their phantoms , trying to give you some hope... Doesn't look good... Does it.
  3. torlind

    May 7, 2014
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    Fortunately things are not all negative with the Phantom Vision 2 +.

    I have done a dozen flights by now. I have not experienced any flyaways. Twice I have lost wifi-connection, once at ca. 200 meters height, once at 150 meters height. Both times the Phantom has returned safely by itself and landed where it took off. I've had one crash due to some trees that weren't supposed to be there. Luckily it landed on its head on the ground (and not in the creek about two meters further on) and all that was broken was two propellerguards and my pride.

    On one of my latest flights I reached a height of about 300 meters. I think the trick is to make sure the antenna on the radio is perpendicular to the radio itself and not pointing towards the Phantom. It's also recommended to point the radio upwards making sure the line between the wifi-extender and the Phantom is as straight as possible.

    The gimball works perfectly giving almost unbelieavbly steady video shots, the batteres lasts for a long time and the machine is a pure joy to fly and handle. I use the NAZA-M mode by the way. In that way I have the Return To Home on the right switch and not only when the connection is lost or the radios batteries are depleted. Just make sure to choose Failsafe in the popup menu in the PT2 application and not Manual!

    So all in all I am a very happy Phantom Vision 2 + owner so far.
  4. dragonash

    Mar 21, 2014
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    Brooklyn, NY
    not a P2V nor a "lost and found"

    But it is good news.

    Must have been my 3rd flight with my FC40 and my controller flat out died. No warning lights, just death. (im guessing cheap rechargeable batteries to blame)
    I couldnt get it turned back on for anything and the Phantom was drifting with the wind towards the highway (which is directly next to the ocean!)

    Luckily RTH kicked in and I was sweating bullets during what seemed like FOREVER, watching it rise up more come back to me and land itself.

    Lesson learned from this:
    Got better batteries
    Have a set of spare batteries!
  5. Mossie

    Feb 10, 2014
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    North Leeds UK
    I had my Vision for over 3 months and flew at least 70 flights without the slightest problem. I sold it on Ebay for over £600 and now have the Plus, which is absolutely amazing. The video stabilisation is spot on.
    I've done about 15 flights on the Plus and it's rock solid, I hope I don't have to regret my words but both my Phantoms have been amazing.

    Don't be in any rush to get airborne. I'm sure some people are seeing rapid flashing greens after power on and thinking they have a GPS lock. The only sure way to check you have a home lock is wait until you have at least 7 sats and then go to 'Find my Vision' and check the red dot and the blue dot are in the same position.
  6. doug86

    Apr 26, 2014
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    + to that.

    I'm at end of second full week with my V+, and no problems so far. I tested the RTH feature once by shutting off the TX (in "vision" mode; ie, how it came out of the box) and the bird returned no problem. I've been as high as 200' altitude, and about 350' away. I've gotten some great footage and have finally gotten up the nerve to fly over the local river (gulp).

    I recently updated the wifi system with an external rubber duck 8db antenna. No problems with that either.

    Next flight? I'm going to try flying about 500-600' away, staying under 200' altitude. Also planning on switching to NAZA mode this week, so I can use HL and CL.

    It's not all bad!! I was a little spooked by all the flyaway talk too, but I determined to spend more time flying and less time reading the forums. If it's gonna fly away on me, reading the threads on flyaway ain't gonna stop it :lol:
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