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Loss of vertical lift/control in hover!

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by RandyCPI, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. RandyCPI

    Aug 22, 2014
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    Is anyone else experiencing a sudden change in vertical position?
    Also, even when gunning the throttle to regain altitude, the phantom may still drift down, but then it may climb, no rhyme or reason.
    Weird, I can hear the motor slow down when it begins to descend but don't know if it is a NAZA/control issue or bad battery. Have tried original batteries with same results, so doubt it is a battery issue.

    Have made a few mods:
    - added Taco sup. gimbal (have not adjusted any parameters for added weight as of yet, however have been flying with this gimbal for a good 12- 15 hours w/ stock weight parameters)
    - added beach wood props (however this was happening with DJI original props)
    - have 2 new batteries (think these might be a problem source, but doubt it)
    - have added an external 5.8 RC antennae (is it possible a bad connection at this point could cause incorrect signals to be sent/received by phantom?)
    - have added external 2.4 wifi antennaes (can't see how this could be an issue, but open to suggestions)

    I have performed the advanced calibration (on a glass table with no metal around nor electronics/magnetics/etc. in assistant software with these numbers:
    x, y, z in the -300 to 300 range
    and mod approx 1400 to 1500

    Not getting any significant "wandering" or circling.

    Is it possible there is a version incompatibility between the phantom and RC or something?

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