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Lighter is much better

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by denodan, May 25, 2013.

  1. denodan

    Feb 8, 2013
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    I tried my Phantom out with GoPro 3, and it's housing. I hate it, here is why:

    Even though the casing works well, it adds weight, and you notice it flying the Phantom, go up, is find, more wobbles coming down, seems less stable flight, even in GPS, 2 mins less battery time. Seems many here are adding weight, not reducing it, so is counter productive, adds to faster wear and tear, and not as stable.

    The GoPro 3 does fit in the standard holder that comes with the Phantom and works much better and more stable and I get longer flight times. So lighter is better

    I can see why beginners get into trouble. Get some power on the Phantom, it does take time to break in GPS mode, so you get some drifting before it stops, even worse with more weight.

    I do find it I go hard out, when I let go of the sticks even in GPS mode, it will not come to a complete stop, but have to flick the stick in the opposite direction to stop it and make sure I only get one green flashing light, the problem is much worse with the GoPro housing.

    So if lighter is better then why are so many on here wanting to add weight? Simple is best and lightest. The Phantom Vision may have solved this problem of weight. If you want gimbels, etc, then get a bigger quad, a lighter Phantom flies much better, less wear and tear and a much longer battery life.

    There is a saying, keep it simple. I don't get hardly any Jello anyway, so no need to add weight. Balanced blades make a big difference.

    I have touched mine in the air, and ground and don't feel any vibrations at all. And camera footage shows mini Jello, not enough to stop enjoying watching my videos. And no worse then my Lotus T580+ which has vibration Dampening already.
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