Is there an extended warranty on P4 batteries like there is on the Mavic batteries?

Mar 20, 2019
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I recently had 5 Mavic batteries replaced under an unofficial extended warranty. The batteries were manufactured in the fall of 2018, and apparently there was an issue with them. All 5 swelled up, and DJI replaced them. They were about 2-1/2 years old (since date of purchase) when I contacted DJI.

2 of my 4 Phantom batteries (I bought 2, then 2 more at a different date) have swelled internally. The case doesn't show it, but I can't see through the slots like I normally would, so obviously the cell packets have swelled up enough to touch each other. I don't really want to take a chance on flying them.

Does anyone know if DJI is doing the same thing for P4 batteries?

Check for cell deviation.
The minor expansion you describe is probably not an issue. If the case still functions in it‘s slot on the ac and doesn’t provide difficulty when removed, should be usable.
No extra warranty that I’ve seen or heard.
Not shure, but still instead of paying 200+ for a Dji batterie, I got a good 3rd party batt of of Amazon for120$ and Iv got 15 flights on it and so far it’s been perfect, just wanted to share
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I got a good 3rd party batt of of Amazon for120$ and Iv got 15 flights on it and so far it’s been perfect
The key words here are “so far”. Makes me think there may be some uncertainty in this process. I’ve not been willing to go that route for the difference in cost as the motivation. Hopefully it works for you.
Since batteries are such a critical component in the operation of all drones, If I were DJI, I would make their batteries "rebuildable". Simply remove the cap, remove the old battery and slide in the new and plug in the connectors. Reuse the case and circuitry boards over and over. Make battery replacement much more affordable....$50 instead of $200. DJI could still make a profit on battery sales but cheap battery replacement would be a great selling point.
I sign that. It is really stressful to pay 600$ for three of them. I think that after three years of use it is time to begin thinking about that. But definitely more important is the performance of the batt. You can check that in AirData.
This is why I'm considering selling my P4P - I can't afford to keep buying batteries.
My original Mavic Pro still has the original 3 batteries I bought it with.
I treat them all the same and yet I've had 4 P4 high capacity batteries swell and die.
My replacement normal capacity Poweredge battery on the other hand is fine.
Poweredge got booted by Amazon so I need to find another source.
As far as I can tell Dji P4 batteries have a quality issue given my experience.
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