Inspire 1 App Question

Jul 14, 2014
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I know we are Phantom flyers, but hear we will be using the Inspire 1 App to use for the Phantom 3. Does anyone know what this feature is for on the App? I am hoping a Inspire1 flyer will read this thread and look at the picture. Thanks for any help you may give.
Note, that is a feature that the P3 will NOT have out of the box.
Yes! but what is it?, what does it do?, I can't watch the training video as I am getting real low on my data. I am just curious as what it does is all.
Autonomous route.
When you get a chance, do watch the video though, it's full of useful info.
I am just curious as to what that feature does is all, I am not watching the training video as I am running low on my data. Thanks for your help Kingfish. Autonomous route is that like "waypoints"?
That button switches the camera between Follow,FPV, Free, and Center Camera. On the P3 the app will only show the FPV mode (not positive) as the other two are Inspire centric at this time. We might get Follow mode via an app addon and the SDK. This entire section may not even show when connected to a P3.

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