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in the air under $1000 AU

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sparts87, May 28, 2013.

  1. sparts87

    May 7, 2013
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    I have been researching getting my go pro in the air now for a few months now and my ideal platform seams to be the QAV550 its quite an outlay for an intermediate pilot like myself. I eventually want to film sports like skating, bmx, wakeboarding, surfing and fpv scenery flights but want a good rtf learning package for under $1000 AU. So far it seams my only options are the Storm Drone FF and Phantom.

    I find that if 50 people are happy they wont post anything on the internet but it only takes one to complain so i often find the internet the be somewhat un reliable at times?

    from peoples experience are flyaway phantoms really that common? is it the best rtf platform under 1g? will it be worthwhile waiting for a phantom v2?

    after so much research i always end up back to the phantom. how long has it taken people to grow out of it?
  2. Gizmo3000

    Jan 25, 2013
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    Sherman Oaks, CA
    For $1000, there really aren't too many options.

    The Phantom is definitely the most popular choice, and RTF
    But if you're willing to do some work, you could get into a F450 for about the same, or even step up to a F550.

    But regardless of that initial entry price
    if you're really serious about getting good footage, a brushless gimbal is something to seriously consider, as well as FPV.

    .as well as extra batteries, props, prop balancer . maybe a new charger.
    it call can add up, but what fun it is1
  3. auck

    Feb 20, 2013
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    San Jose, CA
    agreed! entry fee is relatively low (if you can call $400 - $700 low). it's the toys you add on and the upgrades you get after the fact that can add up quickly. I ought to know.... i've put more into this "hobby" then i've spent on food in the same period of time!
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