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I finally got the Nerve up!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jerryflah, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. jerryflah

    Jan 8, 2014
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    :oops: Saturday 2/1/14 I finally got up the nerve to fly mt P2V. The technology acted as it should have until I goofed.
    I was on my way to a town park in Plymouth, MA riding a dirt road around one of the town's 360 ponds when I saw a number of ice fishermen out on the pond.
    Why not I thought!
    As I prepared, loading my Tradecraft case fitted with my precious Phantom Vision onto a sled, one of the fishermen strode off the ice.
    I asked how thick the ice was, as the temperature that morning was a comfortable 38F and he responded quite confidently that it was solid at about 4". This buoyed my confidence as I made my way out to the middle where everything was clear for hundreds of meters.
    Since this was to be my 1st flight, I went through a checklist I'd prepared, and away went the Bird.
    The thrill was inestimable as all of you know and I played around for about 15 minutes before deciding to engage the Fail Safe Auto Landing.
    Once more I stood in awe as the Vision autonomously did its thing.
    Once on the ground I decided to relaunch and try to land on my own more smoothly than the auto pilot had done with a slight bounce.
    Here's where it gets interesting!
    Forgetting the down stick doesn't kill the motors but engages them to descend, I landed the Phantom perfectly, without the hint of a bounce.
    :roll: sure enough it took me several seconds to figure out what was going on as my wonderful technological miracle danced and skittered around like a crazed lunatic and I froze as props skimmed the 1" snow off the surface and polished the ice beneath.
    No harm No foul!
    I killed the motors, examined the props and chalked another human error up to experience.
    If this had happened on another surface I'd be replacing the starboard props at the very least.
    Always be prepared or not :D
  2. mediaguru

    Oct 15, 2013
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    Nice. Hard to believe you did this for your first flight and not something more conservative, like your yard at your house or something!
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