How to ignore forum members:

Is there a way to ignore floppy-people inserts? Or kangaroo or goat inserts?

NOTE: Just kidding, of course...
Sorry to say but that is not case as can be seen - the site is going to go down hill if this is allowed to continue. We are quick to give DJI a hard time but on this occasion I feel that this issue requires a response from mods or site owner
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WOW so I'm not the only one then. Just yesterday I had to put 2 losers in the p3 section on ignore. and thats the very first time I ever felt the need to do that here and only had to do it one other time in the last 17 years of being on the internet.
I have similar experiences to you JJ except only one on Ignore on this site and that was months ago.
Good thread! Didn't know one could ignore but profanity, threats, and porn are enough for an ignore from me!
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Kudos! This site which I've come to love for info has become one I'm considering to not visit as much as I'd hope to unless there is some kind of managing of threads and post
When I first came here after the P2V+ came out it was great. Little by little the haters and trolls have come in and set up shop. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out the people who are here to belittle DJI every chance they get. They actually seem to enjoy it when someone's quad crashes or there is a software glitch and they can report it. And I am in no way suggesting that no one should ever say anything detrimental about DJI or their products. DJI is a young company and they certainly make their fair share of mistakes. Everyone has the right to bring up problems, crashes and flyaways, weather it is out of frustration or the search for answers and a fix. I've always thought that is what these forums are really for.

I learned a lot from this forum but as stated above, if the moderators continue to let the people who have ZERO interest in promoting the hobby and only want to drag DJI through the mud, this place won't last or be worth anyone's time. I have used the ignore feature several times unfortunately.
Thanks for the info. I didn't know how to ignore. Very easy! Just used it. Works great. Thanks again!
Thanks for the info. I didn't know how to ignore. Very easy! Just used it. Works great. Thanks again!
Problem is if you noticed the thread about a picture somebody posted from their first flight and now the troll piped up saying how bad it was. We need to see these posts so we can explain the truth to others who may not know.

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