Got it back!!!!

Jul 5, 2016
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Chester, Virgnia, USA
So I was flying and long story short, The wife grabbed the drone and when she let it go it slammed into a tree and cracked the shell. I called around to see how much it would cost to get repaired and the cheapest price I received was $180.. although , that was cheaper than a new standard, I had a hard time justifying paying that much especially when I could have parted it out and got the $250 back that I paid ( i bought it used ). So I looked at the cost of the shell and saw that it was only 60 dollars. This made it even harder to justify the $180 cost.

I figured , I could probably figure this out. Watched a few YouTube videos and 4 hours later VIOLA!!! not only does it fly again but flys smoother than it did when I got it . I share this story for all of the people that are scared to work on the phantoms. If its in warranty, that's one thing, but if its not , There are plenty of resources to get the job done.

My Wife felt bad and offered to but me an upgraded one , but then she saw the prices and that went out the window. I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment though. May even add some lights or something now that I know how to open the thing.
May 30, 2016
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Lancaster, Pa.
Great job, it always makes you feel good when you have that "sense of accomplishment" as you say. That's just how I feel when I repair anything around the house or yard and save hundreds of dollars in doing so. That's why I just ordered the DBS mod, getting it in a few days and also bought some upgraded cables since the ones it comes with are of low quality. If all goes well and I don't break anything, and I get some better distance. I'll be feeling that high too.

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