Good use of battery for conditioning

Dec 21, 2014
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Northern NJ
Haven't seen this posted anywhere yet so I thought I'd share my experience. I just hit the marker for fully draining the P3 battery to get maximum life out of it so I landed it at 25%, removed the rotors then took it to the kitchen table. Only having tried the Simulator on iOS one other time realizing it was a waste of battery, I decided to play around with it again.
I don't know if you're like me but I get really nervous about long distance flight so this was a good trainer while I drained the battery. It was really helpful as I am very nervous in the field about losing LOS so this helped me to trust the map on the app for flight direction.
Also, it allowed me to indoctrinate my 3 year old (he's a tech junkie, don't know where he gets it from). He's always wanted to play with the quad or the controller and other than a junk remote, this is his first experience simulating flying it was hard for him it first but he at least understood pitch by the time we were done.
Lastly, I got to experience (in the simulator) what happens when you run the battery all the way down while flying long distance as I know others have expressed concern. In case you weren't aware if you run it low it will ask you to return to home and give you a few seconds to cancel if you desire. If you do hit 10% while on return to home or wherever the quad is, the P3 will simply disengage from controller and land wherever it is currently located. This is designed to save the battery from damage so fly wisely.

Hope this isn't seen as a wasted post as it seemed like a good way to spend time while conditioning the battery.

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