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Fuel Cells for Quads?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gfinney49@gmail.com, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. gfinney49@gmail.com

    Jan 26, 2014
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    Abingdon, Virginia
    I am working on a project for our Higher Education Center who operates a group of businesses called Clean Energy R&D Technologies. They have just completed an energy center complex looking for R&D clients for tenants. It was suggested to me that maybe I come up with some sort of research about quads so they could try to receive a government grant and a technology based company start up. Anyway, I got to doing some searching about the future use of quads for crops, mapping, data links, etc. but there are many universities already doing this type of research. My idea was to come up with a longer lasting power source for UAV quads. That way crop, mapping and data links could be much more efficient with UAV,s because of the longer flight times. Horizon Energy already makes a small hydrogen fuel power convertor for fixed wing aircraft of about 10'. They also make larger units with hydrogen tanks for larger military drones, which are in use today. Fuel cells for quads is probably not going to happen at the present time because of the immense amount of power required for take offs and quick actions required by the drone's 4+ electric motors. My question is there anyone out there experimenting on longer flight times with quads using other than batteries for a source of power? I would appreciate any feed back anyone could furnish me if you are willing to share on an open forum. If not please PM me or email me. It would be nice to have a little capsule size nuke plant on board our quads to stay up for days. I would fall asleep and crash it! Thanks.

    Below is an accident waiting to happen with who knows where the CG is? Cinewing Glider!

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