FS: Sundance Cinema Edition Kit from DSLRPros (damaged)

Jun 29, 2014
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I ordered the kit in July 2014. I got caught in a tree a month or so ago and it fell 25 feet (approximately) to the ground. The 3D gimbal did break. The body definitely has some bulging, scraps, and is by no means perfect after that crash.

I did a test flight after the crash and all seemed well minus the gimbal acting erratically and being physical broke. I have tried to make a complete list of everything below. I have included high resolution photos at this direct Dropbox link. If you have any questions I can certainly answer them.

Photo link again if you missed it above: Dropbox - P2 Sale

$450 or best offer shipped anywhere in the USA. I would prefer to ship UPS ground. This kit is sold as is.

This kit includes:
DSLR Pro's hardshell carrying case with wheels (foam insert included)
Three batteries (which operate fine for me).
A/C Power Cable For LiPo Multi Charger
DSLRPros TXSF8 Pro LiPo Charger
A/C Power Cables For DJI Smart Flight Battery Chargers

DSLRPros Lanyard For Futaba Transmitter
LiPo Battery For Futaba Transmitter (not shown; installed in remote)

Antenna Set For FPV Field Monitor

Futaba Transmitter

10 Self Tightening Propeller Blades (includes four never used carbon fiber props)

Field Monitor Charger
A/C Power Cable For Field Monitor Charger
DSLRPros 7" FPV Field Monitor
Two batteries for the field monitor (not shown; one in is in the case and the other is installed)

5.8 GHz Patch Antenna For FPV Field Monitor
Philip's Head Screwdriver
Set Of Spare Screws (not shown; two grey and two black)
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