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Jun 28, 2017
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Up for sale is a Spectra Precision GL722 Laser Level in excellent working condition With a 2-Way Remote And the CR600 Receiver, no issues at all with this equipment.

Accuracy: ±1/16 inch at 100 feet, Features: Dual Slope, Infrared Beam: Yes, Leveling Method: Electronic Auto-Leveling, Range: 3,000 feet.

The Spectra Precision GL720 has +/-10% in the X-axis grade range and -0.5 to +25% Y-axis grade range with high accuracy up to 900 m (3,000 ft) diameter. Ideal for general construction and machine control grade applications. Fast set-up, high accuracy and long range equals more productivity.

Grade Match Mode allows you to match the laser to an existing slope. Simply set your receiver at the same height as the transmitter then after going to your remote point, press a button on the wireless remote to enable the transmitter to automatically match and display the grade, without returning to the laser transmitter. Automatic Axis Alignment up to 150 meters (500 feet) from the Transmitter.

Allows simple alignment of either side of any grade axis to the desired remote point. This simple, one-person operation lets you roughly align the transmitter to within 40 degrees of the remote point. You can then go to your remote point and, with a simple button press on the wireless remote, the axis is automatically aligned.

PlaneLok virtually eliminates beam drift by locking the laser beam to a fixed elevation. Simply set your handheld receiver at the desired elevation, select PlaneLok mode on the remote control and the laser beam will remain exactly at that elevation all day long, regardless of wind or temperature changes.

The remote provides immediate confirmation of the alignment. Automatic Axis Alignment simplifies setup and ensures repeatable accuracy.

The packages comes complete with the following items:

Spectra GL722 Dual Grade Laser
Spectra CR600 Receiver
2-Way Radio Remote
Hard carrying case
Rod clamp
Battery charger
Power cable
User manual.

The Spectra CR600 laser detector features dual mount function, both rod or machine mounted capabilities, for a wide range of applications. Also, it includes both a rod clamp and a magnetic mount for construction use. Plus, the CR600 comes with a 270-degree reception angle which provides less dead spots and improved productivity for machine control applications.

Features of the equipment:
Accurate temperature compensation that stabilizes results regardless of temperature changes
Long-range wireless link that is unaffected by direction or sunlight
Up to 110% slope range with the protective lens hood
Ensures laser performance in inclement weather
Manual alignment sights allows fast, easy setup
High-powered visible beam
Select rotation speeds: 300, 600, and 900 rpm
Simple controls for easy operation
With the use of the Long-range Remote, vertical applications such as vineyards become simple to setup
Field calibration makes it simple to check and adjust the calibration in the field either at the transmitter or via the remote
Long battery life with the flexible power options: battery life indicator, and a wireless operated sleep mode that saves battery during breaks
Aluminum housing
Weather-resistant control panel, allows you to work in all weather and work conditions.
Built-in non-slip carrying handle
Grade Bump to simply raise or lower the grade remotely
Grade Reverse mirrors the grade setting with the push of a button
Automatic self-leveling
Automatic Off Grade Sensor prevents incorrect grading
Large alpha/numeric transmitter display is visible from ground even on 10 ft tripods
Up to 3,000-foot operating range
±1/16 inch accuracy at 100 feet
Dual grade to ±10% horizontal and -0.5 to +25% vertical
Ideal for machine control
5/8-11 tripod thread
Unmatched beam stability
Infrared Beam.

Asking Price: USD$6500

If you are interested kindly send me a message
equipments at protonmail dot com

Thanks for looking...!!!


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