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Apr 11, 2015
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So after watching a few youtube videos, I decided to mod my phantom 2 vision+. After completeing several mods, I've found that the video does not transmit anymore to the DJI Phantom app.

The mods I've done:

2x 3db 2.4 ghz WiFi antennas on the Phantom
1x 5db and 1x 8db 2.4 ghz antenna on the Repeater
1x 8db 2.4 ghz antenna on the Controller (yes I know it transmits at 5ghz, but it seems to work without any issues)
Slow yaw mod
Copper Shielding for the GPS unit

My first order of buisness will be to check the connections on the Phantom and the Repeater, but I doubt these are the issue as it seems to me that both connections on either the Phantom or Repeater will need to disconnected before signal is completely lost. Another interesting thing about this problem is that I can connect the wifi signal being broadcasted, take photos and videos, and download them to the app's album. Any ideas on where to start looking for a problem if the connections are good?
Alrighty then,

First... Welcome to the party, it's educational and fun (mostly fun for some of us)

Second... Undo what you've done so everything works properly then reassemble - one piece at a time while confirming proper operation. Any and all changes should be followed by a comprehensive examination of all settings and an Advanced IMU Calibration, and finally the Compass Dance.

Third... Confirm and reconfirm connections. Look at each side of each connection, and look at your documentation for each item to make sure they are not different types. Sounds silly, but it does happen, and sometimes they still work, sort of.

Fourth... Continue to post well written posts with lots of info and you will get a good answer. It probably won't be from me, but you will get it.
Suggestion: The title of your thread should contain a description of your issue. 2 words doesn't cut it

Maybe now someone who knows will chime in.

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