Flying into Cancun, Mexico

Aug 3, 2013
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Anyone have any issues flying into Cancun with a drone?
just keep it low, 200 mts, and everything should be fine.
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hey colin...
new rules for flying in méxico... the equivalent to the faa just updated the rules today.

so basically in méxico, and according to this new rule, we have two types of uav´s

micro: which weight is less than 2 kg
light: between 2 and 25 kg

that been said, here are the rules.

for micro uav`s (can be used as a hobby or commercial)
  • dont fly higher than 122 meters
  • always keep los and never fly more than 457 meters
  • cant fly 9.2 km from an main airport
  • cant fly 3.7 km from a secondary airport
  • cant fly 0.9 km from an heliport
  • cant fly above people below 46 mts
  • and if you plan to use your drone for commercial use you must have an insurance.
for light uavs (if planned to use as a hobby)
  • can only be used inside a rc club facility.
  • top speed is 160 km/hr
  • cant fly above people below 152 mts
for light uavs (if planned to use for commercial use(
  • all of the above, plus
  • you need to register your uav
  • you need an authorization.
so if you are carrying an inspire 1 you are screwed...
I took my P2V+ on our last trip in May to Cozumel, went through Mexican customs and Immigration, they had me open the carry on case for the Phantom, then let us through. Got the green light too. Did some flying on the east end one day, then several flights near and around our hotel on the west side with no problems

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