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Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by XL-Studios, May 14, 2014.

  1. XL-Studios

    Apr 5, 2014
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    I was for some time thinking that 90% of the fly-aways where due to pilot error but I have changed my view on this. I think it is in most cases related to <6 satellites and GPS-mode.
    After experiencing some two near fly-aways myself and reading too many stories about this I decided to try to adress the issue with a FLY-AWAY EMERGENCY PROTOCOL based on my observations and experiences. Please feel free to add/adjust.

    Here goes:


    • Try not to panic! If you stay calm and follow the FLY-AWAY EMERGENCY PROTOCOL you have a chance to get your bird back.
    • Mark the direction you´r bird is flying away. Make a scratch with your shoe in the ground, or put something to point out the direction it is going away. Most likely it is going with the wind so note if there is any wind indicators around. Flags, trees etc.
    • IF you have remote connection with your Phantom then follow the steps below.
    • Flip right away to ATTI! (Make sure you have enabled NAZA-M before in Phantom assistant!)
    • Gain some extra altitude with the left stick to ensure better connection.
    • If you have FPV then with the left stick turn your Phantom to the direction you want to go(Home) Fly forward with the right stick up towards home. Remember in ATTI you loose altitude if going fast.
    • If you don´t have FPV or don´t get FPV back with higher altitude, DO NOT ROTATE WITH LEFT STICK! Stay calm and try to remember what direction the Phantom was pointing when flying away. If for example you are sure it went off with front(camera) forward then pull the right stick down and it should come towards you. DO NOT ROTATE WITH LEFT STICK! (It will only confuse you)
    • Try to listen if it is coming back or not.
    • If you still have connection but no FPV and can´t get it back then consider three options:
    1. Shut down the motors with CSC and let it drop. Many survive high altitude drops with minor damages.
    2. Descent by pulling left stick down for a long time. You won´t obviously know when it hits ground but with some luck you can make a soft landing.
    3. Flip your S1 switch down to RTH and hope for the best. Most likely your Phantom has lost satellite connection and if it gets it back it will try to get home.
  2. scooter339

    Feb 14, 2014
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    Grand Junction, Colorado
    Suggestion one never occurred to me, thanks.
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