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Flight Time

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Racer38, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Racer38

    Oct 20, 2013
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    Oxford MA
    There has been a lot of discussion about flight times. So I decided to do a test, I believe the Naza battery warnings are very conservative. I have been flying electrics for 6 or 7 years, mainly Heli's and have always gone by the 80% rule. So here are my findings on a Stock Phantom 2200 battery. These are new batteries and just broken in. I also have the BeHolder Lite Gimbal running off the main power as well.

    8:45 flight time and I put just over the 80% back in, so I need to cut it a bit shorter. Here is the video of the flight so you can see the time and that I am not just hovering around. I have 2 storm 2700's and will try and do another video on them, but I see almost 10 minutes with no problems and just under 80% on the charge.


    Your results may vary.
  2. three6ty

    Oct 11, 2013
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    Flight times are weird with this Phantom. They seem to vary so much. I can do about 7 minutes with a Gopro and Fatshark Pred FPV. No gimbal yet. I fear my flight time will drop a minute or 2 when I add a gimbal so it's weird how you are getting more than me and you have a gimbal onboard. I to have flown helis for years, more so electric. I test my lipos after flight with my Fusion Smart Guard lipo checker which is pretty **** accurate and I have between 20-25% left.
    Cheers, Rich
  3. tanasit

    Jan 28, 2013
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    Beside flying style, you have to consider other factors such as the type and size of the props, the altitude of the location, the temperature and the humidity. Some switch to better efficient motors.
    Below is the result of my test indoor with different props using stock battery and no camera but just the mount.

    Prop ; time (min:sec.) ; sound (dB)
    Stock ; 12:48 ; 83
    Graupner ; 12:40 ; 84 adjust throttle a few times
    GWS ; 13:39 ; 83
    MasterAS ; 8:33 ; 84.5
    APC 10x3.8 cuttip ;13:54 ; 84
    Gemfan 9x4.7 ; 14.06 ; 86 stable, hold atti well
    APC 9x4.5 oscillation! test failed
    FC 3-9x4.5 ; 11:31 ; 92 adjust throttle 2 times
    FC 9x4.5 ; 11:42 ; 90 stable, hold atti well
    Gemfan 9x4.7 ; 14.22 ; 86 stable, hold atti well Nano-Tech A-Spec 65-130C
    Carbon 9x7 ; 13.29 ; 90 slight oscillation (´âáreduce Pitch & roll to 80%)
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