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Jan 9, 2015
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I have a new phantom 1.1.1. When I first start the props I get a flashing green navagation light. When I takeoff it turns solid green, and works fine. I can't find anything in the manual about it. Anyone else have this happen?
Before you start props you should already have slow green flashing with no red providing you powered up properly and waited for course lock and home lock quick green flashes. Why do you say you get green flashes when you start props. Not sure about solid green.
It's not the round light. It's the oval light under the motor.
Hey Low&Slow, the lights under the motors on the arms are for orientation use only, to the best of my knowledge. They give no feedback as to control mode or warnings, only the round LED on the rear does that. If I'm mistaken, I hope someone will correct me. Fly safe...
I just powered up both of my Phantoms. The round light does its normal flashing. The lights on each arm are off. When I start the motors, all four arm lights go on steady. You say yours flashes only at lift off? They are just navigation lights. Explain. When did you get yours?
The motor is spinning slower than the other three. It dose seem to be indicating something? Don't know if I should oil it? Replace bearings? Ignore it? Like I said when I takeoff it works fine.

Monte55, I got it three days ago.
Are you saying one motor seems to be running slower than the others and that same arm has the flashing nav light as you lift off?
Sounds to me like you have a problem. Maybe a loose connection or bad solder joint. Can you post a video with you holding it down. If in fact you have a defect in your new quad, best to send it back. I know that sucks. Better now than have it fall from the sky and you are blamed
I have flipped it more than once in the snow. Snow in the motors, snow in the vents. I have the vents taped with painters tape now.

A new motor is $16. It might not be the motor tho, it could be the board got wet. I can replace the motor and the board? I could just keep flying it too. Not sure what to do?
Maybe you should have mentioned that first. If you take it out and dump it into the snow and get it wet..that is not their problem. I guess you're stuck with it now
sounds like there is either a bad solder joint on the wires to that esc or the wires going from the esc to that motor.
Depending on what version escs you have in it they can start to fail or totally fail if any thing causes the motor to stop spinning for a few seconds. Tho if you have a navigation light blinking on or off I would suspect its the soldering on the wires going from the main board to the esc in the arm thats spinning slow. The 5 year old kids in china dont always do the best job when it comes to soldering these things. and take that tape off the vent holes. The FET chips on the escs get ripping hot and if they over heat the esc will fail. On the escs that fail if the motors are stalled its because they get hot when the resistance increases when the motor stops and burn out. If there is no air movement over them its even more likely to burn them out. esp being them vests already dont provide much air movement as it is. So covering them is going to provide even less cooling when you are flying and when the escs are going to be getting pretty hot.
Thank you for responding to my post. I removed the tape. I did land it in a rose bush. That probably caused the motor to stop spinning. In this short video you can see what it's doing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn2DR_b ... 1421914688

In startup mode the light will always blink green. Once I give it throttle it will turn solid and act normal. I have flown it 50 times since it broke and it dose the same thing every time. Should I open it up and replace the esc? I would like to just keep flying it, but I don't want it to fall from the sky and hurt someone.

I also have a antenna wire that is missing. Is this going to be a problem if the other one falls off? Just the very tip is missing on one. Do I need to fix this? I sure appreciate the help!

I have the exact same problem, it has nothing to do the the round blinking indicator light.. At start up, one of the motors runs a little slower than the others, and at idle the green "navigation light" blinks.. when additional power is supplied the light turns solid green just like the others.. If you listen closely, i believe you will here that motor oscillate slightly.. I have changed the motor with another one (used), and have the same problem.. i suspect that the motors or the bearings are creating resistance and at idle it is more obvious .. When it hits a "flat spot" it affects the light some how causing it to blink.. I have not flown mine with this condition, because I don't want to crash it again.. if anyone can help I'd appreciate it.. not sure if it's a motor problem or the corresponding electronic board which feeds the LED lights and the motor... thanks
Before you start props you should already have slow green flashing with no red providing you powered up properly and waited for course lock and home lock quick green flashes. Why do you say you get green flashes when you start props. Not sure about solid green.
I'm getting slow flashing lights on p2 and motors will not start any help will be apprecited
I agree with above post, and in your OP, tell us about the color and behavior of the rear lamps. Good luck

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