First P3 flight

Oct 12, 2014
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So my P3 arrived on Wednesday amid all the scare threads about crashes and fly aways and the like. Consequently it was with some trepidation and very careful choosing of a launch zone that I did my maiden flight this afternoon.
One of the things i noticed with the P3 is how long it takes to "warm up". I bet I waited 3 or so minutes for it to decide it was ready to fly, all the while wondering if the motors would start and allow me to launch before the craft was ready, and if perhaps this was the cause of misfortune for the people whose stories of horror I had read.

Everything went swimmingly well, the craft behaved exactly as it was supposed to, the pilot app worked perfectly and I had a nice 20 minute flight that ended as smoothly as it had started.

The P3 is a definite step up from the P2V+. The camera is definitely better, the video output is superb, though a little jerky with some software. I suspect that the 4K video is just too much data for some programs to handle easily. Putting the file onto an SSD rather than a platter drive helped a lot. Twenty minutes of 4k video ended up giving me a total of 6 gb of .mov files, split into two parts for some reason.
That is a lot of data to move to make video.
The plane also flies better. It is more responsive and a lot more sure of itself in the air. The P2 is really very good, but the P3 is definitely better.
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Congrats. Mine arrived Thursday. Got it setup yesterday and hope to get a flight today. Going in for some major surgery Thursday so don't know when the next I will get a chance to fly.

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